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Is it funny for the US military to seriously study UFO? The British army has planned “live catching” aliens

According to the news network reported on May 23, May, the Pentagon acknowledged that the US Department of Defense stopped investigating UFOs in 2012. The US military is still witnessing UFOs under the Advanced Airborne Threat Recognition Program (AATIP). The event was “researched and investigated.”

The US Navy Times reported that in order to improve the investigation method, the US Navy hopes to establish a formal procedure to “report suspicious intrusions to the competent authorities.” The US Navy confirmed that it is preparing a plan to report UFO sightings.

US military aircraft encountered UFO’s HUD video screenshots.

UFO is a hot topic in human society. Many people regard it as evidence that “human beings are not alone”, but most of these evidences are “ambiguous.” Similar to all kinds of famous “water monsters” and “bigfoot”, scientific research shows that its “genetic causes” are mostly related to the simplicity of portable camera equipment. As the performance of mobile phone shooting becomes more and more powerful, the figures of various “monsters” have become more and more difficult to capture in recent years.

The US military is not a fanatical “UFO powder” in the traditional sense. The Pentagon said that they are taking such UFO sightings so seriously, mainly because of national security considerations. With the popularity of consumer-grade UAVs, the US military’s various military facilities are encountering more and more unlicensed or unidentified aircraft intrusion, and the US military is also trying to find the clues of unknown high-tech weapons developed by its opponents – extremely advanced Military aircraft or hypersonic aircraft.

The US military attaches importance to and investigates UFO witnessing incidents, at least not in the official statement to support the “existence of aliens” argument. But the secret documents of the British declassification are enough to make the “UFO powder” cheer for a while. According to the British “Daily Express” report, the British government has set up two UFO service desks to collect intelligence. The UK’s final plan is to capture a UFO or even “kidnapped” aliens and then use alien technology to build super weapons.

It’s unclear whether the idea of ​​the British tactics is inspired by the Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster “Transformers” – in the movie’s story, all the modern human technology (microchips, lasers, space flights, etc.) Reverse engineering of the frozen “alien” Megatron.

The former “Imperial Empire” pinned the hope of reviving glory on “capture an alien spaceship.” This kind of psychology is quite similar to the fact that it is necessary to enrich the family and ask for God to worship Buddha. It was not until 1997 that the United Kingdom finally determined that the security department planning “abduction of aliens” “deviated from its main duties” and closed two UFO desks. However, there are documents showing that since then, the United Kingdom has remained interested in “external technology” and is still looking for “extraterrestrial traces” on advanced aircraft of other countries. It can also be regarded as a model of “fighting with the air”.

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